Supreme Court, closed competition, Tirana (Albania), 2015

Architects : Building Building, Elias Guenoun Architecture & UHO
Consulting architect : Studio Rebus
Extended team : Roberto Ferraresi, Giacomo Palamara, Antoine Souché

The project firstly consists in using the existing buildings to fit the program. They are adapted in terms of internal distribution to suit the school of magistrates and their infrastructure is thoroughly revised. While they cannot fit the Supreme Court, they can host more than the school of magistrates: a food-related program is added in direct relation to the park. This first operation defines a site for the Supreme Court project.

The Supreme Court is placed north of the school and participates in creating a public plaza. This building shows very little expression. It is cost-effective, though never fragile. 

The project clearly defines its relation to the park through a low-rise building and its relation to the city as an assemblage of two institutional buildings. Each building has its own methodology: renovation, alteration and construction.

UHO is an architecture studio led by Adrien Durrmeyer and Max Turnheim.

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